Clients receiving Section 8 or Project-based voucher assistance are assigned to a Housing Coordinator alphabetically by last name.

Caseload Breakdown

If you have a question regarding Section 8 and Project-based clients, please contact your Housing Specialist based on the alpha caseload below:

Name Alpha Breakdown Phone Extension E-mail Address Supervisor Notes:
Linda Bond A thru B 533  Jenna  
Amy Sumabat C thru Der and McK thru Min 528  Jenna  
Serjay Shevchuk Des thru Fea 604  Jenna  Portability
Amber Grody Intake 602  Jenna  Intake
Melanie Golden Hn thru L 515  Jenna  
Toni Meek Feb thur Hi 529  Jenna  
Jo Anne Roper Mir thru Q 519  Jenna  
Glen Forbes R thru Step  517  Jenna  
Joni Ayson Ster thru Z 540  Jenna  
Tia Noun PBV (A - J) 564  Jenna Project-Based Vouchers
Tamra Close PBV (K - Z) 571  Jenna Project-Based Vouchers
New Specialist /Jenna M-McJ      Jenna  
Phyllis Renteria Special Programs 511  Jenna VASH, FUP, NED II: Intake & ongoing

If you need to speak to a supervisor:

Name Title Phone Extension E-mail Address
Jenna Christenson Housing Program Manager 608
Sarah Max Asst to Exec Dir for Housing Administration 603