Rental Assistance

Applications are currently being accepted for Senior & Disabled Housing and one family property in Monroe.  On these programs, your portion of the rent is determined based upon your income. Clients typically pay 30 percent of their monthly adjusted income for rent and utilities. 

The Housing Authority has no emergency housing. If you need immediate help, please look at Short-term Housing Resources.

Apply for Housing
Learn how to apply for housing assistance.





Low Income/Rent Public Housing
Rent an apartment or duplex and pay 30% of your income.

Senior & Disabled Housing
Special housing for senior and disabled persons.

Tenant Based Assistance (Section 8) Housing
Rent from a private landlord and we can help you pay the rent.

Project-Based Assistance
Transitional housing by agency referral that's tied to specific projects.

Information for Current Applicants
Already applied for housing? Want to check your wait list status or update your application?

All of the rental assistance programs have waiting lists. The waiting lists are long and we are unable to predict an applicant’s exact wait time. Approximate wait times from the date one applies for housing:

1 ½ to 5 years (Closed)


1 to 5 years


6 to 8 years (Closed)